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For as long as I can remember my passion has always been animals. I have spent most of my life involved with training animals in one way or another. During my childhood I was involved in the equine industry, training, riding and working with horses. This broadened my knowledge of behaviour and body language as a means of communication, not only with horses but with all the animals that I would work with in the future, eventually leading me to a career in dog training.


I furthered my education in university, obtaining my B.Sc. in zoology. Traveling locally and abroad in order to work with a variety of animals, I continually increased my knowledge of not

only behaviour and communication in animals, but in people as well. Following my years of study at university, I became an ESL teacher to learn the tools used to educate people.


After having a good basis in teaching, I continued my education and became a certified dog trainer through Animal Behaviour College. I founded Uxbridge Canine Academy (formerly D-Lux Canine Training Academy) and have been teaching my clients how to build a lasting bond with their canine companions ever since.


In order to be the best trainer that I can be, I am continually enhancing my knowledge of training tools and canine communication by taking courses and seminars, staying up to date on current issues and having an invaluable database of references to assist in training. Using a kind approach to dog training through the philosophy of positive reinforcement and building a bond with your dog, I provide my clients with practical tools that they can use in their everyday lives.


Liaising with professionals such as trainers and veterinarians lead me in the direction of dog training which has been my continued passion ever since. I am a member of several associations including CAPPDT, AAC, UKI and CARO and compete annually in Rally Obedience and Agility with my Border Collie, Aspen. We were the 2019 and 2021 West Regional Champions in the 24' division and 9th place at the National Championships in 2019 with plans of competing in the World Championships in the near future.


Uxbridge Canine Academy offers a positive training approach at both of our facilities. Choose between a forested setting or our secondary 4 season facility with a large off leash area and an indoor training facility. Come and see for yourself why Uxbridge Canine Academy is the right fit for you and your dog.

"I cannot be more pleased with the treatment Monte received when I went skiing. If you need a sitter, trainer or human/canine companion please consider D-Lux. Their consideration and love for your dog is unprecedented."

Monte & Michele



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