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More than just dog training. Learn how to connect and communicate with your dog through positive reinforcement training in an interactive environment.

If you are new to UCA please be sure to fill out your pooch's Registration Form

**All new students are required to complete an initial assessment before starting class.** 

Not sure what class is right for you? Want to make sure we are a good fit for your pup? Our initial assessment does just that! Get to meet your trainer, ask all your questions, start tackling any problems you are having, and take the first steps to building a strong relationship with your dog.  Assessments are 1 hour in length and $108. Contact us to book your assessment today.


Puppy Level 1

(suitable for dogs ages 3-9 months, dogs with little to no previous training, or new adoptions/ rescues)

This class focuses on developing the life skills needed to raise a young dog into a well-mannered adult. This includes sit, down, stay, proper socialization, boundary training, leash skills, greeting skils, recall, and more.

$270 (inlc tax) for 6-week group session- 1 hour once a week. Maximum of 4 dogs.


Classes are held on Mondays & Fridays.  Arrangements for your initial assessment and class start date can be made by contacting your trainer

Next start dates: March 29 @6:15pm, May 6th @5pm


Puppy Level 2 \

(suitable for dogs over 6 months and dogs with training experience) 

This class focuses on building the skills learned in Level 1 and teaching more complex behaviors. This includes leave-it, place, off-leash recall, loose-leash walking, and more.

$270 (incl tax) for 6 week group session -1 hour once a week. Maximum of 4 dogs.


*Must have completed Level 1. 

Classes will be held on Mondays & Fridays. Arrangements for your initial private lesson and class start dates can be made by contacting your trainer.

Next start dates: Contact your trainer for upcoming dates.

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